Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mugging Dellmon

I managed to convince Dellmon to take on a little tradeskill project for the holidays this year to help raise money for our favorite charity, Child’s Play. You can get all the details (and find out how to bid on the Aliscious and Dellmon Muggs) on the EQ2 Talk Mugg page.

I had some issues with primer. Note to self: Don’t try to apply spray paint on a windy, 40 degree day. I got that all worked out and then gave Dell’s face a coat of baby’s butt pink. :)

Once I got the base of the armor on, I really felt like I was making progress. After a little mistake on the leg, I flipped his head around to the other side. Little did I know, Muggs actually have a proper front and back. So Dell’s head is on backwards, go figure!

Added some detail to the armor. I was hoping the black trim would take care of the wiggly edges.

Well, the black trim didn’t necessarily solve the wiggly edge problem. But I did learn that one should not try to paint a straight line after two glasses of wine.

For the beard, I briefly considered yarn, but my husband talked me out of it - too cheesy. “Might as well call him Raggedy Dell.” So I used clay. Rodin I’m not! More clean-up. Q-Tips are awesome. Maybe they would make a good future show sponsor. :)

I had to Google how to make brown paint. I have no idea what I did, but by the time I got the right color mixed, I could have painted ten Dellmon beards with the amount of paint I had. Added some highlights to the beard and hair, facial details, a few more touch ups, sprayed a little clear matte finish, and voila! Dell Mugg complete.

Meanwhile, the real Dellmon left me another voice message. He said, “I hate you. I’m back at the craft store… I hate you.” Click. I can tell – Dellmon loves tradeskilling. Maybe we’ll do this again next year!