Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Scavanator

After watching our raid get decimated by The Scavanator, my son decided he wanted to be a giant crab for Halloween this year. And I quote, "If I were that crab, you couldn't defeat me!" Of course, he is right.

How to make a Scavanator costume... hm. Well, first you procrastinate until 2 weeks before the costume parade at school. Then you run around like a mad woman buying up all the remnants of orange polar fleece you can find. Then you send your husband out to the fabric store to find 1/2" thick foam and orange double-knit fabric.

All I did was take an existing pattern for a turtle and modify it. I enlarged the pattern piece for the shell to approximate a crab shell, added legs, eyes and claws. The claws were a challenge for me. Originally, I wanted his hands to poke through between the top and bottom part of the claw. But I couldn't figure out how to get the claw onto the sleeve and still retain the claw shape. So I opted to make them like gloves. One of us will have to hold his candy bucket. I usually like to trick-or-treat with a glass of wine, so I guess that job will have to go to dad :)


  1. This costume is epic x4
    Awesome work Ali!

  2. now if only you and his dad could have dressed up as Eel adds :)

  3. Actually, I was considering doing the eel adds! But my husband gave me an "are you out of your mind" look when I mentioned it. It's probably for the best that I ran out of time :)

  4. Giant crabs are just EBIL! Brought back memories of wipes, but what a fantastic costume!

  5. VERY AWESOME!!!!! Should have dressed as Ham and Ali just add blood to the claws and a won out look to you both.....

  6. I had no idea his costume was EQ inspired..
    I'm not really shocked, though. xD